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Birth: 1937

Death: /

John "Jackie Nose" D'Amico is a member of the Gambino family and was acting boss from 2005 till 2011. D'Amico started as a low ranking soldier in the family until the days of John Gotti.

Acting boss
Jackie Nose was a longtime friend and ally of John Gotti and became a captain running loansharking and gambling rings after Gotti took over the Gambino family. On November 11 ,1989, Gambino associate Frederick Weiss was shot dead after it became known he was about to cooperate with federal investigators to avoid a 70-year sentence. The hit was ordered by John Gotti who passed it to D'Amico. Together with New Jersey DeCavalcante boss John Riggi, who later confessed he did it as a favor to Gotti, he orchestrated the murder. Weiss was killed by gunmen of the DeCavalcante family in front of his Staten Island home.

From 1994 on D'Amico ran an illegal gambling house in Brooklyn. In 1998 he and Junior Gotti were arrested due to Racketeering charges. With boss John Gotti also behind bars the leadership passed towards Peter Gotti. D'Amico is also a reputed gambler himself and lived in a modest house in New Jersey with his wife Rosalie. When a reporter knocked on her door in 2006 she said: "You're not going to get any information from me, He comes and goes. That's the way it's been for the past 40 years". According to the FBI, D'Amico became acting boss of the Gambinos after Peter Gotti seemed incapable of handling the Families interests.

Arrest and sentence
On February 7, 2008, after 5 years of research and a strong cooperation between the FBI and Italian law enforcements, a massive raid was held in New York and Sicily called operation 'Old Bridge'. The raids led to the arrest of about 62 Gambino members and associates. Lieutenant Nicholas Corozzo and underboss Domenico Cefalu were amongst the arrested men and so was John D'Amico. In Palermo, Sicily, about 20 men were arrested. Most of them were members of the Salvatore Lo Piccolo family, the Sicilian boss of bosses who was arrested in 2007. In May 2008 prosecutors dropped their demand for D'Amico to plead guilty to racketeering charges, which holds long prison terms. D'Amico did however plead guilty to a single count of extortion. Cefalu also pleaded guilty but both however denied being part of the Gambino Family. They also admitted extorting a $100,000 payment from businessman-turned rat Joseph Vollaro in exchange for permission to sell his Staten Island cement company. On August 18, 2008, D'Amico was sentenced to 2 years in jail and got a $4000 fine. According to defense attorney Elizabeth Macedonio, D'Amico is broke because of gambling problems and has no assets left, he also suffers from medical problems. In Februari 2009 he and accomplice Joseph Watts were also convicted for the 1989 murder of Fred Weiss.


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