|Pittsburgh|  John Bazzano

Birth: 1889 - Sicily

Death: August 8, 1932 - Brooklyn

John Bazzano became the boss of the Conti family in 1931, after former boss Joseph Siragusa was murdered on September 13. Bazzano's term of leadership was short and only lasted for a year. He was the father of John Bazzano Jr., who remained a powerfull member of the Pittsburgh Mafia untill his death in 2008.

During the tenure of Bazzano the family had a rival faction within it's own borders. This faction was led by 3 brothers, Arthur, James and John Volpe and were very powerfull in the area of Wilmerding PA. The 3 tried to kill Bazzano in order to take over his territory. However, Bazzano struck first on July 29, 1932, and had all 3 men murdered at his Coffee Shop. The others of the Volpe organisation were angered about the killings of their leaders and protested against Bazzano to the Commission. Because the murders occured without permission of the Commission, Bazzano was send to New York to explain himself. Not long after his body was found in Brooklyn, cut up by ice picks. Because of the way Bazzano was murdered, crime historicians believe he was killed by the murderous Murder, Inc. group of Albert Anastasia and Lepke Buchalter. Anastasia did became a suspect in the following weeks, and also was Santo Volpe, who could possibly be a relative of the murdered Volpe brothers of Pittsburgh. Bazzano was replaced as head of the family by Vincenzo Capizzi, who died 5 years later.

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