|New York|  Joe Arcuri

Birth: 1913

Death: December, 2007 - New York

Joe Acuri was one of the oldest still living mobsters in the US. He was a member of the Gambino Family and served the family for almost 60 years. He worked for almost every boss in the Family history, from Albert Anastasia to John Gotti. Jerry Capeci from Gangland news says Arcuri never served prison termes.

In the 1940's and 50's he owned a liquor store. Four times a year he would send boxes of booze to Albert Anastasia's home or at several Manhattan hotels where he had guest suites. When Anastasia was murdered in 1957 Arcuri kept his head down. Three decades later he would do the same with the murder of boss Paul Castellano in 1985. Arcuri became rich under the reign of Carlo Gambino and Castellano through labor racketeering and testimony at proceedings before the Laborers’ International Union of North America. The Victory Star Social Club, where he lived in the 50's, was his base of operations. During those years he would pass FBI agents many times at 69th street on their way to lunch or when they were going to check his club. They recalled Arcuri was a true gentleman and was very respectfull.

Class of 1991
The so called Gambino class of 1991 is in fact a name for the 21 capo's of the Gambino family under the reign of John Gotti. On the list were, amongst others, Junior Gotti, Peter Gotti, current boss John D'Amico and Thomas Gambino. Everyone from that list was either dead or imprissoned, except for Joe Arcuri. Joe Arcuri died at an age of 94 in 2007. Many paid their respect to the long going mobster which proved Arcuri was a much-loved man of honor, and not 'a pain in the ass oltimer' like John Gotti used to say.

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