|Los Angeles|  Jack Dragna

Birth: April 18, 1891 - Corleone, Sicily

Death: February 23, 1956 - Hollywood

Ignazio "Jack" Dragna was one of the first Mafia bosses in Los Angeles, California. He succeeded Joe Ardizonne after he disappeared in 1931. The Dragna family was regarded to be a small time player in the Cosa Nostra and was largely known by other gangsters as 'the Micky Mouse mob'.

New York
Jack Dragna was born in Corleone, 1891, and moved with his family to America in 1898. In 1908 however he returned to Italy to live with his family. From 1911 till 1913 he was stationed in the Military in Corleone. Dragna eventually entered America for good in 1914 and went to live with his brother. While living in Harlem he began to work in in the Columbus Wet Wash laundry owned by Angelo Gagliano, an associate of the Morello Gang and relative of Tommasso Gagliano. While working at the Laundry he also met Gaetano Reina, with whom he would be involved in the murder of Barnet Baff in November 1914.

Heading for Los Angeles
Sometime later Dragna moved away from New York and went to the other side of the country, Los Angeles. In 1915 he was arrested for extortion but was acquitted. While working under Joe Ardizonne he operated gambling ships off the California coastline until the United States Government shut them down in 1939. Dragna also participated in the Havana Conference of 1946. During the 1940's Dragna had a rivalry with Bugsy Siegel, who was sent by the commission to Los Angeles to start some lucrative deals. Another enemy of Dragna was Mickey Cohen, who was then the bodyguard of Siegel. Siegel was murdered in 1947 and Mickey Cohen rose the ranks. Cohen survived numerous attempts by Dragna's mob to kill him. Jack Dragna eventually died in Hollywood of natural causes in 1956 and was succeeded by Frank DeSimone.

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