|New England|  Howie Winter

Birth: March 17, 1929 - Massachusetts

Death: /

The Winter Hill Gang
Howie Winter was the second leader of the Winter Hill Gang, who's originator Buddie McLean was shot and killed during the Irish Gang wars in 1966. This was a gangwar between the Winter Hill gang and the Charleston gang. After McLean was murdered, Howie took over as leader of the gang. Somewhere in the 1970's Howie teamed up with notorious gangster Whitey Bulger. What Howie didn't knew was that Bulger was not only a good earner, but also was an FBI informant. Bulger's information to the FBI led to Howie's arrest and led to Bulgers leadership of the gang. Howie was sentenced to 10 years in prison. A few years after his release he was caught dealing drugs. The FBI approached Howie and told him Bulger was an informer and was the reason he serverd a decade in prison. They offered him a deal if he would take his revenge on Bulger and inform them about him. But Howie refused saying he's not 'a rat'. Because of that he again served about a decade in prison. After his release from prison he lives a quiet life in Massachusetts

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