|New York|  Harry Horowitz

Birth: 1889

Death: April 13, 1914 - Executed

Harry Horowitz, better known as Gyp the Blood, was the leader of the notorious Lenox Avenue Gang in New York City during the early part of the 20th century. Legend has it that, on a small bet from one of his colleagues, he would grab passers-by and break their backs over his small feat by a man only 5 feet 7 who weighed only about 140 pounds.

Gyp the Blood, along with three of his gang members, became part of gang lore in 1912 when they pulled off the spectacular murder of gambler Beansie Rosenthal outside the Metropole Hotel. The four shot Rosenthal to death, possibly on orders from Police Lt. Charles Becker, who was enraged that Rosenthal was blabbing to anyone who would listen about Becker's ties to criminals and gambling houses. Gyp the Blood and his conspirators were convicted in a highly publicized trial and put to death in the electric chair on April 13, 1914. The next year, Becker also was executed for the crime.

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