|New York|  Harry Greenberg

Birth: 1909

Death: November 22, 1939

Harry "Big Greenie" Greenberg was born to Jewish parents in Brooklyn, New York, and like many grew up in poverty. As a child he was rapidly drawn to the streets where he met and befriended men such as Bugsy Siegel and Louis Buchalter. In September 1927 Greenberg, Joseph Lefkowitz and Irving Rubinzahl were indicted for the murder of Benjamin Goldstein. The 22 year old victim was thrown out of a boat and drowned in Gravesend Bay. Lefkowitz was found guilty but the young Greenberg was acquitted. In 1928 Greenberg was arrested again together with Siegel, Jacob Shapiro, Joseph Stacher and others for the murder of Louis and Andy Fabrizzio near a distillery owned by Waxey Gordon. Both victims were members of Gordon's crew.

In 1936 the police accused Greenberg of leading a riotous raid on the Needle Trades Workers Industrial Union with Jacob Shapiro and Louis Buchalter. Greenberg however was a fugitive at the time and by this wasn't convicted. During that period he started to demand money from Buchalter and threatened to go talk about the syndicate to prosecutor Thomas Dewey. Lepke however was not intimidated and ordered his death. Greenberg went on the run and sought help from his childhood friend Benjamin Siegel who was living in Los Angeles at the time. He went into hiding for about 2 years until he was eventually murdered by 3 gunmen in his car. Siegel, who had been informed of Greenbergs betrayel all along, took part in the hitsquad together with Whitey Krakow and Franky Carbo. Siegel was eventually tried for the murder in 1940 but was never convicted for the crime. Whitey Krakow was himself murdered a couple of years later and Franky Carbo was sent to prison, only to be released again in 1942.
(Source: NY times articles: "Pair put on trial on Goldstein murder", November 29, 1927; "Lefkowitz guilty in Drowning of boy", December 3, 1927; "2 sought in killing of Lepke gangster", November 26, 1939; "Carbo is freed in California", March 25, 1942.)

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