|Canada/ Montreal|  Giuseppe Cotroni

Birth: February 22, 1920 - Calabria, Italy

Death: September 1979

Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni was the brother of Vic and Frank Cotroni. For years he played a significant role in the Montreal Mafia.

Giuseppe was born in 1920 in Calabria and migrated with his family to Canada when he was 4 years old. Giuseppe became specialized in armed robbery and theft. When he was 18 years old he already had been in custody several times for such offenses. In 1954, shortly after the Cotroni brothers had forged a bond with the New York Bonanno family, Giuseppe was investigated for trafficking heroine as part of the French Connection. From time to time he traveled to Europe to meet with French and Corsican dealers.

In late 1957 Cotroni and lieutenant Luigi Greco were summoned at the Apalachin conference. In 1959 he was arrested for heroin trafficking and was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a 80.000$ fine. After his release he managed to stay out of the hands of justice until his death although it was believed he never quit the drug business. He died in 1979 of natural causes.

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