|New York|  Giosue Gallucci

Birth: 1864 - Naples, Italy

Death: May 17, 1915

Giosue Galluci was a notorious extortionist operating in Harlem during the early 1900's. Gallucci was born in 1864 and came to America in 1891 from his native Naples. Back in Italy he was known as "a very dangerous criminal". He was nicknamed 'The King' or 'Don Gesuele' and reigned over the Harlem rackets from 1910 to 1915.

The Gennaro Gallucci killing
Galluci's brother Gennaro Galluci (b. 1857) arrived in New York in 1908 after he escaped prison in Italy. He was sentenced to 23 years for murdering 2 men. In New York Gennaro was known by the police as a extortionist and had been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Gennaro was murdered the following year, on November 14th 1909, at the bakery of his brother Giosue. When police came inside the house to find the victim, Gallucci's elder brother Francisco (b. 1845) and his Giosue's wife Assunte (b. 1880) were already present. As police asked about the location of the body, both just poured their shoulders and pointed towards a man seated in a chair. Than man was Gennaro, who had been shot through the heart. They also said that Gallucci most recently had survived a murder attempt.

Death of the Harlem don
Gallucci was associated with the Brooklyn Camorra and also with the Morello gang. When Morello and Saietta were imprisoned in 1910 Galluci stepped in and acted as Harlems mayor, demanding taxes or people would get hurt. Although he was from the Italian mainland, he resumed his good contacts with Sicilian natives. Galluci was a powerful and feared man, but still he was harassed by an Italian gang run by Aniello Prisco who demanded protection money. In 1912 Prisco was eventually murdered in order of Gallucci in front of his bakery.

In 1913 Gallucci was responsible for the murder of Amadeo Buonomo. Buonomo was a nephew of Pellegrino Morano, the Camorra boss of Coney Island. On May 17 Gallucci left his bakery at night together with a bodyguard to go see his 19 year old son Luca, who most recently opened a coffee shop. As they entered the building Gallucci sent of his bodyguard to get a cake. A couple of minutes later 4 gunmen stepped in and shot at Gallucci and his son. Associates of Gallucci present at the coffee shop immediately returned fire which led to a gunfight. Gallucci's bodyguard Joseph Nazzaro was said to be in on it and later worked for Pellegrino Morano. Raffaele Daniello later revealed that Morano had payed to see him death. One of the shooters was Andrea Ricci, who also acted out of revenge for the death of John Russamanno, one of his early associates. Gallucci's Harlem territory and Italian lottery then passed towards the Morello Gang, who also reputedly helped in the Gallucci murder. At the time of his death police revealed that Gallucci was worth about $500.000.
(Source: "Italian 'bad man' strangely slain", November 15, 1909. "Father and son shot", May 18, 1915)

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