|New York|  Gene Gotti

Birth: 1946

Death: /

Gene Gotti was born in 1946 to John and Fannie Gotti. He had 4 brothers, John, Peter, Richard and Vincent. He became an associate of the Gambino crime family around 1966 and became a made member in 1976. In 1985, he was promoted to Capo when his brother John became the family's boss. Gene was a notorious drug dealer and he was part of the reason that John became boss. Gene and his friend Angelo 'Quack Quack' Ruggiero (Quack, because he talked to much), were dealing heroin against boss Paul Castellano's rules and he was going to have them killed. John got to him first to protect his brother and friend but also to become boss himself.

Gene was convicted in 1989 of selling drugs and received a 50 year prison sentence. He was reduced to the rank of soldier due to it being against the rules to sell drugs. Despite his long incarceration, Gotti's word is still respected on the streets of New York, and he has considerable influence over the Gambino Crime Family.

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