|New York|  Frank Scalise

Birth: 1893 - Palermo, Sicily

Death: June 17, 1957

Francesco "Don Cheech" Scalice was the boss for a short period of the Mineo Family from 1930 to 1931, which was one of the major 5 Mafia families in New York. Afterwards he had to make room for Vincent Mangano who took over as boss, but still remained a top figure inside the family.

Scalice was born in Palermo, Sicily, in 1893 and immigrated to the US where he settled in Brooklyn. He became involved with the Mafia in Brooklyn and became a captain in the organisation of Salvatore D'Aquila. After the murder of D'Aquila in October 10, 1928, the power in New York shifted to Morello gang bossJoe Masseria of Manhattan. Alfred "Al Mineo" Manfredi succeeded D'Aquila and sided with Masseria. Scalise, who was against Masseria came in conflict with Mineo.

In November 5, 1930, Mineo and his underboss Stefano "Steve" Ferrigno were murdered by gunmen of Salvatore Maranzano, appointed Scalice as the successor of Mineo. Scalise was a strong ally and supporter of Maranzano during the Castellammarese War. The War ended in April 15, 1931 when rival Masseria was killed. Maranzano afterwards met with New York Bosses in May of 1931 to reorganize the mafia. Scalice was given a seat on the Commission and was recognized as head of the Mineo family. However, not long after Salvatore Maranzano was murdered in and Scalice was forced to step down as Boss because of his supportive connection to Maranzano. Vincent Mangano was next in line to become boss. Scalice served as a underling of Mangano from 1931 till 1951 and Albert Anastasia from 1951 till 1957.

In June 17, 1957, Scalice was assassinated at a vegetable market in at 2380 Arthur Ave. Bronx in. Vincent Squillante was believed to be the killer of both Frank Scalise and his brother Joseph around the same period. Squillante was a drugdealer and assassin for Anastasia. Scalise was later revenged in 1960 by Anthony Gaggi, a man who idolized Scalise and was introduced in the Gambino Family thanks to Frank.

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