|Philadelphia|  Frank Monte

Birth: June 21, 1931

Death: May 13, 1982

Frank Monte was the consigliere of the Scarfo family from 1981 until his death in 1982.

Elevation as consigliere
Frank Monte was born in 1931 and through the years became known as a hotheaded person. When family boss Angelo Bruno was murdered in 1980 Monte was one of the men appointed to revenge his death. The victim was Frank Sindone, who had helped in the murder of Bruno. In the fall of 1980 Sindone was lured to a house in South Philadelphia where he met with Chukie Merlino, Salvatore Testa and Monte. While shaking Monte's hand Merlino took out his gun and shot Sindone dead. It is believed that Monte was promoted to capo afterwards.

He was involved in illegal gambling amongst others, but as day to day job he worked at a restaurant owned by Philip Testa, who had succeeded Bruno as the new boss. Both men were good friends and Monte frequently stayed long hours at the restaurant. Prior to working there he worked as a bartender in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. However, only one year after his rise to the top Testa was also murdered when a bomb exploded in his house. After Testa's death the Commission appointed Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo as the new boss. Monte also found himself promoted from capo to consigliere in 1981, mainly thanks to his friendship with Scarfo.

Riccobene - Scarfo war
The turmoil within the organization however was not over yet. A faction headed by elderly capo Harry "The Hunchback" Riccobene opposed the new boss and his associates. Several men from both sides got murdered and Scarfo eventually ordered Monte and Raymond Martorano to meet with Riccobene's brother Mario. They believed that the Riccobene brothers hated eachothers guts and hoped Mario would doublecross his brother. However, he refused and told Harry what happened. Soon Riccobene took measures.

On May 13, 1982, Monte was shot dead near his Cadillac at a gasstation by Joe Pedulla and Vic De Luca. Later on they also tried to murder Salvatore Testa, but were unsuccessfull in doing that. 3 weeks after Monte's murder Harry Riccobene was shot while standing in a phone boot, but survived the attack. In 1984 Riccobene was eventually arrested and convicted for the murder of Frank Monte.

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