|Cleveland|  Frank Milano

Birth: 1891 - Calabria, Italy

Death: 1970

Frank "Ciccio" Milano, often described as shrewd and cunning, was the boss of the Cleveland Family from 1930 until 1935. His predecessor, Joe Porello, was murdered inside Milano's restaurant in Cleveland's Little Italy, while believing he was going to a meeting. After the bombing of Jim Porello's house the Porello's retired from the corn sugar industry, giving Milano's Mayfield Road mob a monopoly. In 1931, at Lucky Luciano's reconstruction of the American Mafia after the Castellammarese war in New York, he was believed to be one of the members of the national Commission. His brother Anthony "The Old Man" (1886-1976) became Frank's second in command. Anthony remained the underboss of the organization even after Frank left Cleveland. In 1935 though, about to be tried for income tax evasion like Al Capone, Milano packed his bags and fled to Vera Cruz, Mexico where he lived a long time before eventually going to Los Angeles. It is believed that Milano also became a top figure in the Los Angeles underworld. Milano died from natural causes in 1970.

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