|New Jersey|  Frank Majuri

Birth: 1909

Death: 1983

Frank T. Majuri was the underboss of the DeCavalcante Family from 1955 until 1957 and the family consiglieri from 1964 until 1979. He is the father of Charles Majuri.

Frank Majuri began his criminal career by shaking down fellow Italian immigrants. During the late 1940's he became a leading figure in the Elizabeth area and in 1954 became the underboss of the family under Phil Amari. In 1957 however he stepped down again and was replaced by Louie LaRasso. Both men were also sent to the Apalachin Meeting later that year to represent the family. Majuri was demoted back to capo afterwards.

When Sam DeCavalcante became the new boss he appointed Majuri to become his consiglieri. A move which would provide a strong ally within the family as Majuri then controlled the Newark rackets. During the 1970's Majuri started to focus on his son and tried to level him up inside the family. After DeCavalcante retired by the late 1970's John Riggi took over and appointed Stefano Vitabile as new consiglieri. By that time Majuri had health problems and resigned. He died in 1983.

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