|Florida|  Frank Diecidue

Birth: 1915

Death: October 19, 1994

Diecidue was the underboss of Santo Trafficante and was born into a connected family. His father was also a member of the Trafficante family and was backed by the Mangano brothers from Brooklyn, New York.

While his boss Santo Trafficante crisscrossed America and Cuba to meet up with collegue's, Diecidue formed his own crew and operated from Tampa. His crew was heavily involved in loansharking, large scale bookmaking, numbers (a game which was played amongst the poor community), arson and narcotics trafficking. Diecidue also operated the company Dixie Amusment, Inc. In 1975 police officer Richard Cloud was murdered. He had previously been making inroads into the activities surrounding the Tampa underworld. Diecidue was seen as the chief consiprator. In 1976 he was found guilty of firearms possession, murder conspiracy and racketeering. Given a 40 year sentence, Diecidue and others were then released in 1979, following an unbelievable overturn of the convictions. After Santo Trafficante died in 1987, authorities speculated that underboss Diecidue would become the new boss. However, Diecidue remained the number 2 of the Family untill his death on Oct. 19, 1994.

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