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Birth: March 26, 1965 - New York

Death: /

Frank Cali is an influential member of the Gambino family and is believed to be the current underboss of the organization.

Frank Cali was born in New York City to Augusto and Agatha Cali, both Sicilian natives. His father was involved in the Pizza Connection drug ring and was believed to be an associate of Gaetano Badalamenti, although he was jailed. Cali has a strong family lineage. He is a nephew of the Cherry Hill Gambino's and, by marrying Rosario Inzerillo, is related to the once influential Inzerillo family. The Inzerillo family was one of the strongholds in Sicily before the Corleonesi had violently taken over the heroin trafficking business.

Cali begon working as a fruit store owner and later bought his own food importing company in Brooklyn. As a member of the Gambino's he rose inside the organizations structure during the reign of boss John Gotti. He is known for keeping a low profile and for respecting the old traditions, unlike other flamboyant family members. Prior to his arrest in February 2008 he had no criminal record. Newspapers dubbed Cali as "The latest great import from the old world" after his arrest, although he was American born. On June 3, 2008, he pleaded guilty to extortion-related charges and admitted he helped extorting a trucker who was working at a Staten Island NASCAR construction site. By that time he had become close to newly appointed boss Domenico Cefalu and was promoted to underboss after his release. In 2013 it was said that Cefalu was prepared to step down so Cali could become the new head of the family, but he turned down the offer.

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