|Pittsburgh|  Frank Amato

Birth: February 2, 1893 - Sicily

Death: 1973

Frank Amato, Sr., was the boss of the Pittsburgh Mafia from 1953 until 1956. Before he became official boss he was allready in charge of the New Kensington and West Virginia areas.

Amato was born in Sicily in 1893 and after arriving in America he moved to Pittsburgh were he became a naturilazed citizen in 1922. During prohibition he was a bootlegger and extortionist. During that time he was arrested twice for murder but each time the charges were dropped. Later on he musceled in on the family's gambling operations and used his bootleg profits to invest in vending machine rackets.

Amato became the boss of the family in 1953 but stepped down again only 3 years later due to his failing health. His successor was Sebastian LaRocca who took over in 1956. Amato himself didn't completly resign and operated as LaRocca's advisor. His son Frank Jr. followed his fathers footsteps and joined the Pittsburgh Mafia as a made soldier. Frank Sr. died in 1973.

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