|New York|  Frank Abbandando

Birth: 1910 - New York

Death: February 19, 1942 - Sing Sing Prison

Frank Abbandando Frank Abbandando was a New York City gangster and Mafia hitman. Frank "Dasher" Abbandando was a hitman for so-called Murder Inc. He is claimed to have killed 30 people in Brooklyn in the 1920s and 1930s. His nickname came from his running speed; in one case he reputedly ran around a house to shoot his victim from behind. In his teens Abbandando began to extort money from shop owners by threatening to burn their shops if they did not pay. He spent time in a reform school in Elmira, New York, where he demonstrated skill at baseball. In his twenties, Abbandando worked as a lieutenant for the crime boss Harry Maione in Ocean Hill, New York. He organized gambling and loan shark operations and extortion rackets. In 1932 he took part in the gang war against the rival Shapiro gang in Brownsville to take over their territory. Their gang became Brooklyn, Inc, a forerunner of Murder Inc. During his stint as a Murder, Inc assassin, led by Lepke Buchalter, Abbandando fulfilled numerous murder contracts for an average fee of $500. In his "free" time he molested young women. He preferred fine clothes and fancy cars. In the early 1940s Abbandando was arrested due to testimony of his former boss-turned-informant Abe Reles and later sentenced to death for the murder of a loan shark George Rudnick in New York on May 25, 1937.
He was executed in the electric chair on February 19, 1942.

Frank Abbandando Jr.
Frank Abbandando Jr, born around 1935, became a mobster and drug dealer in Miami, Florida. He did tasks for the Gambino, Colombo and Lucchese Family who all had interests in Florida, but didn't belong to any of those families. There he got in contact with two brothers, called Rocco and Aniello Napolitano, sons of murdered Bonanno capo Sonny Black Napolitano. The two Napolitano brothers and Abbandando Jr. were seen in a nude bar called Party Girls, in Miami. They were believed to be selling steroids according to the FBI. A while later Aniello's body washed up dismembered in 1996 at Miami Beach. Rocco was convinced Abbandando Jr. was the killer and ran him over with a car while he was crossing Biscayne Boulevard. Ones Abbandando Jr. lay wounded on the street, Rocco got out of the car and shot him numoures times with his gun. When Rocco was arrested he accordingly admitted to be the shooter.

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