|Los Angeles|  Frank - Bomp - Bompensiro

Birth: September 29, 1905

Death: February 10, 1977

Frank "Bomp" Bompensiero was a gunman for the Dragna Family and is responsible for the murder of over 20 men. He eventually became the consigliere of the family from 1975 until 1977 and was the leader of the San Diego faction.

The Bomp
Frank Bompensiero was born in Milwaukee in 1905. Later he went to live in San Diego, California. During his early 20's he became involved in bootlegging and was arrested for the first time in 1928 for prohibition violation. Later he would be arrested numerous times for crimes ranging from gambling to kidnapping and murder. Together with Jimmy Fratianno he committed several murders. Some of his victims were George Bruneman, who was killed in 1937 for threatening Jack Dragna, and Hooky Rothman, a bodyguard of Micky Cohen who was murdered in 1948.

In 1938 Bompensiero kidnapped a man named Phil Galuzo in Los Angeles and had beaten the man so bad he died a week later in a hospital. Sometime after the murder Bompensiero went into hiding and moved to Detroit for a couple of years. By his return in 1941 the charges against him were dropped due to lack of evidence. By the late 1940's boss Jack Dragna appointed Bompensiero as the leader of the San Diego area. He had known Dragna for a long time and both also owned a couple of bars in the area.

FBI informant
In 1955 Bompensiero was arrested for bribery and was sentenced up to 14 years in San Quentin. He was released again in 1960. By the time he got out Jack Dragna had passed away and Frank DeSimone was the new boss. However, under DeSimone the family had a hard time and weakened in years to come. During the early 1960's Bompensiero and Fratianno both tried to transfer to the Chicago Outfit, but only Fratianno was permitted. Bompensiero eventually became an FBI informant in 1967. He revealed a murder plot on George Seach, who was going to testify against Chicago member Johnny Roselli. After hearing the plot the FBI immediatly transfered Seach to safety. Although Bompensiero worked as a secret FBI informant, he was still involved in everyday Mafia business as usual.

Bompensiero and Roselli actually didn't get allong well. At one point during the 60's Bompensiro was asked to murder a guy for the Detroit Mafia. As compensation Bompensiero was supposed to recieve cuts from the Frontier casino in Las Vegas, but he never did. Therefore he went to see Roselli, who was Las Vegas's man to see at the time. Roselli however never managed to settle it with the Detroit family, but instead himself recieved a percentage of a local giftshop there. Therefore Bompensiero didn't like Roselli at all and felt betrayed.

In the early 1970's Bompensiero befriended Anthony Spilotro, the new Chicago overseer of Las Vegas. In 1975 he helped Spilotro in murdering real-estate broker Tamara Rand. However, things would start to get bad for Bompensiero when Dominick Brooklier became the new boss of the Dragna family. Brooklier put a contract on Bompensiero after it was revealed that Bompensiero disgraced his bosses by constantly talking bad about their backs. However, Bompensiro seemed impossible to locate and after Brooklier was jailed his acting boss tried to reach out to Bompensiero by making him the new consigliere of the family, which he accepted.

In 1976 the FBI overheared Fratianno's interest of getting involved in the pornographic industry. Therefore they needed Bompensiro to set Fratianno up in a fake business called Forex. Fratianno however got word that Forex was led by the FBI and immediatly knew Bompensiero had tried to trick him. His fate was sealed. On February 10, 1977, Bompensiero left his home and went to a telephone boot to have a call. As he was walking towards the boot he was shot dead by Dragna gunman Thomas Ricciardi.

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