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Birth: 1953 - Sant'Agata del Bianco, Italy

Death: /

Francesco Arcadi is a capo in the Rizzuto family and was acting boss for a short while.

Street boss
Francesco Arcadi was born in the province of Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy. After migrating to Montreal he became associated with Frank Cotroni and did work for the Sicilian Rizzuto clan. Although being of Calabrian descent he grew close to Nicolo and Vito Rizzuto and rose their ranks. His brother Stefano also became part of the organization.

Arcadi grew to become an important keyfigure in the drug trafficking business and acted as a liaison between the mob and several street gangs, such as the Hells Angels, who were used as a strong arm and drug distributor. Two of his most loyal trustees were Lorenzo Giordano and Francesco Del Balso. After boss Vito Rizzuto was arrested in 2004 for racketeering charges, Arcadi was promoted to interim boss.

In 2005 Arcadi had a fallback with the D'Amico brothers, a group of Calabrian drug dealers with significant contacts in the Toronto and Hamilton area. Soon intimidation flew back and forth. On one occasion the D'Amico brothers kidnapped Nicolo Varacalli, a close associate of Arcadi, but let him go unharmed a couple of days later. A year later Arcadi was again targeted when in August 2006 Domenico Macri, one of his proteges, was murdered by two gunmen. However, Arcadi believed the hit had been intended for him. He was advised by the Rizzuto leadership to seek refuge abroad until things were sorted out, which he did. He took his wife and went to live in Italy for a couple of months. Nicolo Rizzuto, Paolo Renda and other significant members of the organization at one point had to be escorted daily by seasoned enforcers to keep them safe until things were settled.

On November 23, 2006, after a three year during investigation, the RCMP launched several raids on the Montreal Mafia. Arcadi was arrested on accusations of drug trafficking, cocaine smuggling and marijuana export. He and Francesco Del Balso were convicted in 2008 to a prison term of 15 years. During his absence in Montreal the Rizzuto clan found itself under siege by rivals, mostly consisting out of a splinter cell of the family which was backed by rival street gangs and Toronto based 'Ndrangheta clans.This resulted in the Rizzuto warfare. Several bigshots such as Nicolo Rizzuto and Paolo Renda were killed in the aftermath. Others, who were closely associated with Arcadi, were also murdered. On January 27, 2009, drug trafficker Sam Fasulo was murdered. In January 31, 2011, another Arcadi associate, Antonio Di Salvo, was killed and in December 2012, Giuseppe Fetta, a former strong arm of Arcadi, was shot but survived the attack. Arcadi himself remained locked up. While Arcadi is set for release within a few months, one of his most trusted lieutenants, Lorenzo Giordano, was shot and killed in March 2016.

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