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The Los Angeles Mafia is a criminal organization based in Los Angeles County, California, as part of the American Mafia (or Cosa Nostra).

Impact of the Los Angeles Mafia
The crime families of California, among them the San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles syndicates, have generally been viewed as weaker criminal organizations compared to their east coast counterparts New York's "Five Families". Even at the crime families height under Jack Dragna, historically both the Five Families and the Chicago Outfit have operated criminal operations (especially during the 1930s and 40s from the Chicago Outfit's extortion of Hollywood studios to New York mobster Bugsy Siegel opening syndicate controlled casinos in Las Vegas) without interference from local organized crime. Even into the 21st century, despite its location in one of the more prosperous areas of the United States, the Los Angeles crime family continues to be referred to its longtime nickname the "Mickey Mouse Mafia" by organized crime figures and law enforcement alike.

Prohibition to the Dragna Era
Jack Dragna The first boss of the LA mafia was Joseph Ardizzone, he was the boss until 1931, when Jack Dragna took control. Dragna involved the mafia in the entertainment business and brought the LA mafia onto the national stage; he was honored with a place on the mafia commission.

DeSimone Era
Following Dragna came Frank DeSimone, in 1956, the uncle of the infamous Tommy DeSimone, a psychopath portrayed in the 1990 film GoodFellas by Joe Pesci. Frank's reign concluded in 1967, after 11 years in power. Nick Licata succeeded him, being the boss until 1974. The fall came when Licata's Underboss, Jimmy Fratianno, was the second American mafiosi to break the sacred law of Omerta, the vow of silence. He testified against mobsters in LA, Chicago and Detroit. Licata's successor, Dominick Brooklier, stabilized the family and ruled for yet another decade.

Recent years
Currently little is known about the LA mafia, other than it has lost power, along with almost all of the American mafia families, and it is believed that Peter Milano is still the boss, with his brother, Carmen, in place as Underboss. The Milano Brothers have kept what power they have in LA stable and are rumored to be planning to take territory in Las Vegas. They are the prime suspects in the murder of "Fat" Herbie Blitzstein, a Las Vegas mafia associate, early in 1997.

Bosses of the Los Angeles Mafia
...–1931 — Joseph "Iron Man" Ardizzone (1885–1930?)
1931–1957 — Anthony "Jack Dragna" Rizzoti (1891–1956)
1957–1967 — Frank DeSimone (1909–1968)
1967–1974 — Nicolo "Mr. Nick" Licata (1897–1974)
1974–1984 — Dominick "Jimmy Regace" Brooklier (c. 1914–1984)
1975–1976 — Louis "The Reluctant Prince" Dragna (acting boss) (c. 1920–)
1979–1984 — Peter "Shakes" Milano (acting boss) (c. 1914–)
1984–present — Peter Milano (c. 1914–)

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