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Birth: June 11, 1906

Death: March 4, 1944

Emanuel "Mendy" Weiss was a member of Murder Inc. and was the chief aide of Louis Buchalter. Like others of Murder Inc he was also executed at Sing Sing prison.

Murder Inc.
Emanuel Weiss was born in New York in 1906 to Jewish parents. During the early 1930's he started working for Louis "Lepke" Buchalter as an enforcer. Buchalter was a known racketeer with strong ties to the New York Mafia. Together with Mangano Family member Albert Anastasia Lepke headed a crew of vicious killers in Brooklyn, mainly consisting out of Jews and Italians. Known as a flashy dresser, a proud and idel man, Weiss became the top aide of Buchalter and was often put in charge of the crew when Buchalter had to lay low for some time. He was also active in Buchalters lucrative garment industry rackets.

The end of the Beerbaron
In 1935 Mendy Weiss committed one of the most spoken mob murders in history, the killing of Bronx beerbaron Dutch Schultz. Schultz had gotten himself in trouble with the Mafia after threatening to kill prosecutor Thomas Dewey, an event which would have brought too much heat on the Mafia. Weiss and Charles "The Bug" Workman went to Schultz's headquarters in Newark, New Jersey, on the night of October 23. Schultz sat there gathering with his bodyguard, Bernard Rosencrantz, his henchman Otto Berman and his accountant Abe Landau. As Weiss and Workman entered the porkshop they opened fire. Berman was killed instantly but Schultz, Landau and Rozenkrantz survived although being mortally wounded. Rozenkrantz and Landau even managed in returning fire at their assassins. Weiss ran outside to the getaway car and ordered the chauffeur to speed away, leaving Workman behind. Workman managed to escape by foot but the incident would cause frictions between him and Weiss. Schultz, Rosencrantz and Landau all eventually died due to their wounds in the next few hours. The Beerbaron was no more.

Arrest and execution
In September 1936 Weiss murdered a Brooklyn candy shop owner named Joseph Rosen with the aide of James Ferraco, Harry Strauss and Louis Capone. Rosen was murdered in order of Lepke Buchalter to prevent him from talking to the police. Like many of the murders committed by Murder Inc., this one also remained unsolved for several years. The same went for the 1939 murder of longshoreman Peter Panton who'm Weiss choked to death with his bare hands as a favor to Albert Anastasia. That same year Weiss and Workman were also involved in the murder of Teamster official Morris Diamond, which was eventually carried out by Jack Parisi. Murder Inc. kept on murdering in and out of New York at bidding of the Mafia and Weiss may have been involved in allot more killings than is truly known. In 1940 Murder Inc. member Abe Reles was arrested and became an informant. He told about the many murders and implicated several of it's members. On April 26, 1941, Mendy Weiss, who had fled to Kansas City by that time, was arrested for the murder of Joseph Rosen.

In late 1941 Louis Buchalter, Mendy Weiss and Louis Capone stood trial for the Rosen assassination. The man responsible for their arrested, Abe Reles, was killed on November 12, 1941, when falling out of a hotelroom window while being under police protection. With Reles gone an important witness vanished, but a couple of other turncoats however took his place, such as Max Rubin and Albert Tannenbaum. The 3 defendants were chanceless. At one point during the trial Joseph Rosens widow stood up and dramaticly pointed out Weiss as the man who had entered the shop when her husband was murdered. Later that month the court found them guilty to first degree murder and sentenced the men to the electric chair. Weiss was moved to the death house at Sing Sing prison where he would sit behind bars for another 2,5 years before being executed. In a last effort he tried to seek a new trial in early 1944 after alleged new evidence was found, but was denied. On March 4, 1944, Mendy Weiss, Louis Capone and Lepke Buchalter were all executed at Sing Sing prison.

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