|Detroit|  Eddie Fletcher

Birth: 1898 - New York

Death: November 26, 1933 - Michigan

Eddie Fletcher was a member of the notorious Purple Gang in Detroit. There he operated as a gunman and bootlegger. Fletcher grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where he befriended future Purple Gang members Abe Axler and Irving Milberg. Fletcher became a featherweight boxer during his younger years but eventually turned towards crime instead. Fletcher moved to Detroit in 1923 to participate in the Sugar House War. Despite his small size he became one of the most feared gunmen of the Purple Gang. He was rarely seen without his long-time friend Abe Axler, they even called them the 'Siamese twins'. Fletcher was suspected to be one of the participaters in the Milaflores Massacre which occured on March 28, 1927. 3 gangsters were lured to an appartment at 106 East Alexandrine Avenue around 4 o'clock in the morning. As the 3 men stood at door 308 they were all gunned down. Police found evidence that about 5 gunmen were present in that room, amongst them Fletcher and Axler.

In 1929 Fletcher was questioned, together with Harry Keywell, about the St. Valentines massacre which took place in Chicago and where 7 men were brutally slain in orders of Al Capone.It is known that Capone had good connections with the Purple Gang and might have asked for help from Detroit (probably to let the murders take place from someone outside Chicago). Later that year he and Axler were jailed for 2 years for bootlegging. In 1932 he got out and together with Axler he tried to take over the Purple Gang. However, on November 26, 1933, Axler and Fletcher were murdered by members of their own falling Purple Gang.

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