|New England|  Donato Angiulo

Birth: March 21, 1923 - Boston

Death: May 5, 2009 - Boston

Donato "Smiley" Angiulo was a long going capo in the Patriarca Family and operated as a strong force behind his brother Gennaro, the family underboss.

Donato Angiulo was born to Sicilian immigrants and was one of 5 brothers. His brothers included Gennaro, Michele, Francesco and Nicolo. While growing up he and his brothers began a life of crime and came in contact with Raymond Patriarca. The Angiulo brothers were a strong force within the Italian underworld and rose to prominence within the Patriarca Family. Donato's elder brother Gennaro became the underboss in 1954, Nicolo became the family consigliere in 1974 and Donato was made a capo. His other brothers however always maintained a lower function with for example Francesco being a soldier and Michele an associate. Donato controlled a number of sub-book operations and was responsible for collecting money.

During the late 1960's and 1970's the Angiulo brothers frequently worked together with Irish gangboss Whitey Bulger, who was secretly providing evidence against them to the FBI for years. In 1981 Donato and his brothers were eventually arrested and roled into Boston's first sensational Mafia trial. In 1986 Donato was convicted to 20 years for racketeering, gambling and loansharking but eventualy only served 11 years, making him a free man again in 1997. After his release he kept a low profile and enjoyed his wealth in peace. In 2005 his wife Marguerite Angiulo, a former model, died and in 2006 his brother Michele also passed away due to lung cancer. In the meanwhile Donato also suffered from bad health and passed away at the age of 86.

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