|New York|  Dominick Trinchera

Birth: December 20, 1936 - New York

Death: May 5, 1981 - Brooklyn

Dominick "Big Trin" Trinchera was a capo in the Bonanno family and led a revolting faction against Phillip Rastelli during the early 1980's.

Promotion as capo
Dominick Trinchera was born in 1936 in Rockland, New York. His father was an immigrant from Rome and his mother originated from Naples. During the 1960s Trinchera became a soldier of the Bonanno organisation. His breakthrough came when he was asked to participate in the murder of acting boss Carmine Galante. The feared Galante had become to dominant in the drugtrade and left jailed boss Phillip Rastelli out in the cold. On July 12, 1979, a bunch of gunmen bursted into a Brooklyn restaurant where they shot and killed Galante, his cousin Giuseppe Turano and bodyguard Leonard Coppola. After the high profile murder a couple of the killers, including Trinchera and Dominick Napolitano, were promoted to captain as a reward.

Plans of overthrowing the boss
After Galante was murdered Rastelli took back his position as official boss of the family. However, some of his men weren't fond of the idea that an old an ailing man behind bars was running things. Since the Galante situation Rastelli was up for yet another challenge. Together with fellow capo's Alphonse Indelicato and Phillip Giaccone he made plans of removing Rastelli from the throne and take over the organisation. They sought allies to do so and began negotiations with the others of the family. However, Rastelli still had followers amongst his men who stood ready to defend him. Rastelli asked his most trusted capo Joseph Massino to make sure that they would never have the chance to execute their plans.

On May 5, 1981, Trinchera, Indelicato and Giaccone were lured to a night club in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, to negotiate with other Bonanno capo's about the future of the family. They were welcomed by Gerlando Scascia who took them to the basement of the building. However, when arriving there they ran into an ambush. Trinchera, who weighed about 350 pounds, was the first to die when he took a shotgun blast to the torso. Indelicato and Giacone shared the same fate. After the slaying all 3 of them were buried in a remote lot in Queens.

The men who took part in the slaying, according to undercover agent Joseph Pistone, were Vito Rizzuto from Montreal, Gerlando Sciascia, Salvatore Vitale, Dominick Napolitano and Nicholas Santora. Napolitano crewmembers Benjamin Ruggiero and John Cersani were on the lookout. In 2004 the FBI discovered the secret Mob cemetary in Queens where the 3 capo's were buried. One year later Joseph Massino was found guilty of murder and recieved 2 life sentences. During the trial the judge read a letter outloud written by Trinchera's daughter Laura: "As for Mr. Massino, he had the opportunity to see his family grow, he took that away from us."

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