|Los Angeles|  Dominick Brooklier

Birth: 1914

Death: July 18, 1984

Dominick Brooklier was the boss of the Los Angeles Dragna family from 1974 until 1979.

Born as Domenico Brucceleri in 1914 he became associated with Jack Dragna during the 1930's. Brooklier was a smart man and as it may seem strange for a member of the Mafia, he held a college degree in law. He took part in a feud against Mickey Cohen and his gang and reputidly shot one of his henchmen. During this period he was going by his alias "Jimmy Regace". He eventually became a made member during the late 1940's.

Brooklier became the boss of the Dragna family after Nick Licata died in 1974. Under his command the family stabilized again after it had been weakened by the former bosses. Brooklier also ordered the murder of capo Frank Bompensiero for being an FBI informant. Bompensiero had set them up in a fake business called Forex, which was ran by FBI agents and was meant to indicate Brooklier and New Orleans boss Carlos Marcello. He was killed in a phoneboot in 1977 by gunman Thomas Ricciardi. Another man he ordered to kill was capo Jimmy Fratianno. Fearing he would be murdered Fratianno became a federal witness and testified against Brooklier. In February 1979 Brooklier was indicted on federal racketeering charges together with underboss Sam Sciortino, capo Mike Rizzitello and 3 others. He eventually died in an Tucson federal prison in 1984 and was succeeded by Peter Milano.

(Source:,, "The Mafia Made Easy" by Peter J. Devico)

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