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Birth: December 27, 1933 - Cattolica Eraclea, Sicily

Death: /

Domenico Manno is a leading member of the Rizzuto family in Montreal and is the brother-in-law of Nicolo Rizzuto.

Forming the Rizzuto clan
Domenico Manno was born in Cattolica Eraclea, in Southern Sicily, where his father led his own Mafiaclan. His elder sister Libertina married Nicolo Rizzuto in the late 1940's. Manno joined the first stream of Mafiaclans who set sail to Canada. Living in Montreal, he was first noticed by the police in 1967 for running an illegal gambling den. By then Rizzuto and Manno had gathered a significant Sicilian crew which at first sided with Vic Cotroni, the leading Mafiaboss of Montreal. As years past however, the Sicilians and Calabrians were inevitable heading for a conflict.

When Cotroni stepped down as boss he appointed Paolo Violi as his successor, but Violi couldn't coincide with the Sicilians. When Rizzuto went to seek refuge in Venezuela, living with his cousins, Manno represented him and their affairs in Montreal. He eventually had a hand in settling the dispute once and for all. On February 8, 1977, two hitmen murdered Violi's brother Francesco. On January 22, 1978, Violi himself was shot dead with a double-barreled shotgun in the backroom of a bar. Shortly after the killing the police arrested Manno alongside Agostino Cuntrera and Giovanni Di Mora. All three men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder. Manno was sentenced to 7 years. As they were brought to prison, Nicolo Rizzuto had conquered Montreal.

Florida drug scheme
When being freed from prison Manno continued his role in the drug business. In the meantime the Rizzuto clan had worked closely in the Pizza Connection drug ring and had forged strong ties to the New York Bonanno family and the Cuntera-Caruana clan from Venezuela. Their massive cocaine an heroin network was secured.

Manno partly owned a trucking company in St. LĂ©onard which was used as a front for drug trafficking and money laundering. On his initiative the Rizzuto's also created a drug importing scheme in Florida which was to be led by Manno. In 1998 he was arrested and pleaded guilty for conspiracy to traffic heroin, cocaine and counterfeit money into Florida. He was sentenced to 20 years for his part. During his absence the Rizzuto family stayed strong, until massive police raids in 2006 had weakened the family since most of it's keymembers were arrested. A rival faction of the organization broke loose and tried to take over the leadership with help from Canadian 'Ndrangheta clans, some of which still sought revenge for the Violi murders. This resulted in the Rizzuto war. In December 2012 he was released from Fort Dix, New Jersey, after serving 14 years and was brought back to Montreal.

(Source: "The Sixth Family" by Adrian Humphreys,

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