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Birth: 1947

Death: /

Domenico "Greaseball" Cefalu is the boss of the Gambino family since 2008.

The Sicilian faction
Domenico Cefalu was born in Sicily in 1947. After his arrival in the US he became part of the Sicilian faction of the Gambino family which was then headed by capo Pasquale "Patsy" Conte. They led all the family drug affairs and were rapidly gaining a dominating position over the other crews. In 1982 Cefalu was arrested for heroin trafficking and was sentenced to 6 years. After his release he became a made member of the Gambino family by boss John Gotti.

Becomming boss
In 1996 Cefalu was convicted and sentenced again, this time for criminal contempt. After several lengthy hearings the court sentenced him to 33 months. After his release he moved upwards inside the organization, which had been struggling with turncoats for a long time and faltered in restructuring. Since Cefalu was a true blood Sicilian he was said to become the next head of the family and bring back order and discipline. However, in February 2008 he was arrested alongside acting boss John D'Amico, capo Nicholas Corozzo and some 50 others during operation "Old Bridge". He was charged with extorting a Staten Island businessman called Joseph Vollero. Cefalu had demanded a $100.000 payment from the man in exchange for permission to sell his cement company in which Cefalu had a share. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 2 years on August 11, 2008. During the course of the trial Cefalu lost many of his assets, including his house, and was forced to move in with his elderly mother in Bensonhurst during his parole. Afterwards he claimed to have become an honest salesman for a baking supply company, but the FBI suspected otherwise. They believed Cefalu was still very much active in the crime family and was even elevated as head of the crime family, ultimately replacing Peter Gotti of that position.


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