|New York|  Dixie Davis

Birth: 1905

Death: 1970

Richard 'Dixie' Davis was born in 1905 and was a smart boy. He worked his way through Syracuse Law School and was admitted to the Bar in 1927. Davis was given a clerkship in an honored law firm, but he soon went into business for himself. Soon he became known around the mob as “the Boy Mouthpiece.” His work pleased his ignorant clients. In court he talked loudly and waved his arms, putting on a good show. He shouted in the courtroom, but in the back rooms he whispered. And his clients seemed to go free with increasing regularity. The usual fee for a lawyer in numbers cases in those days was $25. Dixie Davis cut the fee to $15 and did a wholesale business. His most important client was Dutch Schultz, the notorious mobster and beerbaron from the Bronx.

Dixie Davis was also believed to be involved in the murder of Julie Martin in the evening of March 2, 1935. Together with Bo Weinberg he lured Martin to a meeting with Schultz. Both of the men got drunk and things were getting ugly. When everything escalated, Dutch popped his gun out and shot Martin through the head. After Schultz's murder in 1935 it is said that Dixie took over his policy business but was indicted in July 1937 on policy racketeering. In 1970 he died of a heartattack when his family was tied in his house by two masked gunmen who stole jewels and cash.

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