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Birth: 1940 - Brooklyn

Death: /

Daniel Marino is an alledged head of a ruling panel which currently leads the Gambino Family.

Plotting against Gotti
Daniel Marino was born in 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. His father Gaetano was a member of the Profaci family. Daniel became a member of the Gambino family during the 1960's and was loyal to Paul Castellano. Over the years he rose in rank and became a capo of a Queens based crew, running labor and construction racketeering. When John Gotti and his crew murdered Castellano and took over the family, Marino urged to take revenge.

Fellow capo James Failla was close to the Genovese Family and was approached by boss Vincent Gigante to plot against Gotti, with backings from the Lucchese family. Marino joined his plans. Gigante felt that Gotti had to be punished for the unauthorized murder of Castellano. This plot would eventually lead to the killing of Gotti's underboss Frankie DeCicco in 1986. An informant later claimed that Gotti also dispised Marino and had plans to have him killed as well because he had suspicions of Marino's involvment in the murders of DeCicco, Bartholomew Boriello and Edward Lino, who were all allies of Gotti. On one such occasion Gotti had 2 gunmen waiting for Marino in a closet in his house after he learned that Marino had held $400.000 in annual construction extortion payments to himself. The hit however was aborted.

Although Marino and Gotti couldn't get allong, he did keep his position as capo and visited Gotti's social club, the Ravenite, on a weekly basis. He also continued to accept murder contracts from Gotti and was involved in the 1989 gangland slaying of Thomas "Sparrow" Spinelli and the 1993 killing of Louie DiBono. In 1992 however Marino was arrested and charged with murder. He was eventually jailed from 1994 until 2000. While in jail he met a young wiseguy named Thomas Orefice, who would later become his closest and most trusted crewmember. During his jailtime he also learned that his newphew, Frank Hydell, was cooperating with the FBI. In 1998 Hydell was shot to death on the parkinglot of a stripclub in Staten Island. The murder was carried out by Gambino associates Thomas "Huck" Carbonaro and Edmund Boyle. Carbonaro was later sentenced to 70 years for the crime, Boyle was found not guilty.

Ruling Panel
After the death of John Gotti in 2002 his brother Peter took over the family. However, Peter was also jailed and therefore he assigned an acting boss to lead the family. In 2008 eventually a ruling panel was made up out of Daniel Marino, Bartolomeo Vernace and John Gambino to replace the acting boss.

Arrest and Conviction
In April 2010 Marino was arrested together with 13 associates, including Thomas Orefice, for racketeering, murder, sex trafficking, extortion, illegal gambling, assault and drugtrafficking. The sexcharges dealt about a 15 year old girl who worked in the prostitution business under Marino. Marino also admitted that he ordered the killing of his nephew and was found guilty in January 2011, being sentenced to 5 years and a forfeit of $1.25 million. Due to his medical problems his lawyer demanded he would be placed in the medical facility of the prison. These demands are currently still in question.

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