|New York|  Cola Schiro

Birth: 1880 - Castellammare Del Golfo

Death: 1930 (?)

Cola Shiro is concidered to be one of the first bosses of the Castellammarese community in Brooklyn, later known as the Bonanno family, from 1921 utill 1927/1930, after former organisation heads Stefano Magaddino and Gaspare Milazzo fled New York to respectively Buffalo and Detroit. The Castellammarese faction (which would ultimatly become the strongest of the Mafia) started somewhere at the turn of the century, when Giuseppe Bonanno (uncle of Joseph Bonanno) came to New York to insure the future of the family. Giuseppe died in 1901. Who then led the Castellammare group is unknown, it is possible that Peter or Vito Bonventre, who were Bonanno relatives, then took control. So most likely Cola Schiro was not the first boss of the Bonanno Family like many sources claim. It is possible that Schiro was a relative of the Magaddino-Bonventre-Bonanno Families. It is also possible he had a leading role in the murderous organisation which was dubbed 'The Good Killers' and was under the command of Stefano Magaddino and Vito Bonventre. After Magaddino and Milazzo left after a failed murder attempt it is believed that Schiro was appointed as leader of the Castellammarese. Schiro probably acted as a front boss for Magaddino and also kept the seat warm for the comming of another Castellammarese mafioso, Salvatore Maranzano. During the time of Maranzano's arrival Giuseppe Masseria noticed the growing number of Castellammarese in New York. Because of their association with Masseria enemy Salvatore D'Aquila he didn't trust them a bit. Masseria started to demand cash tributes from Schiro, to prove his power in the US. Schiro reputidly payed and then vanished, leaving Maranzano in charge. Maranzano didn't tollerate Masseria's behaviour and started to challenge his Manhattan enemy which erupted in the Castellammarese War of 1930. What happened with Schiro during the war is unknown, he disappeared.

Some historicians although claim Cola Shiro never existed and others, who claim he did, say 'cola' was a short name for Calogero or Nicolo. Joseph Bonanno refers to Schiro in his autobiography, so it is believed the man existed.

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