|New York|  Charles - The Bug - Workman

Birth: 1908 - Manhattan, New York

Death: 1970's/ 1980's/ 1990's ?

Charles Workman was born in 1908 in Manhatten and later became a viscious killer of the Murder, Inc organisations lead by Lepke Buchalter and Albert Anastasia. It is said Workman is responsible for over 20 murders.

Early Life
Workman grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and quit school at 17 where he was known for being a 'bully'. When he was 18 he was arrested for a first time for stealing. In 1927 he was again arrested for shooting a man during an argument over $20, the man survived and didn't file a complaint. After his sentence he began working for the Murder, Inc. organisation.

The Schultz hit
On October 24, 1935, Workman, Seymore 'Piggy' and Emanuel Weiss got the task to murder Dutch Schultz. Weiss and Workman entered Schultz's headquarters and first shot the 3 men of Schultz sitting at a table. There was no sign of Schultz so Workman went looking for him and found Schultz in the bathroom where he shot him. In the meanwhile Weiss ran away from the hitscene and was followed by 2 surviving, but seriously wounded, members of Schultz's gang pumping lead in everything they saw, but not causing serious damage. Because Weiss ran away with Seymore 'Piggy', Workman had to find his way back to New York by foot in the night. He found his way back by following the rail road track. Later on Workman filed a complaint against Weiss to boss Lepke Buchalter and demanded his demise because they left Workman behind. Weiss defended himself saying Workman stayed behind to steal money from the victims and caused a danger for Weiss and Piggy because they could get killed during that time. Weiss said he fullfiled his task and Workman stayed behind for personal reasons. Lepke agreed to Weiss (who was his captain) and didn't punish anyone.

Later life
In 1940 Abe Reles began ratting out his former partners of Murder, Inc to the police and became informant for which he was killed in 1941. But his testimony's did send many of his former friends to the electric chair, Lepke Buchalter, Emanuel Weiss, Frank 'the Dasher' Abbandando and Martin Goldstein amongst others. Workman was one of the lucky ones and escaped the death penalty but was sentenced to life in 1941. In 1942 he offered to help the military and go on a suicide mission to Japan and avenge Pearl Harbor. His patriotic disire was afcours denied. In 1964 he was paroled after 23 years being locked up and found a job in the garment industrie, ones controlled by Lepke Buchalter, who was electrocuted in 1944. Workman always kept the details of the Schultz murder in 1935 to himself. No further details are known about Workman and his exact date of death is not known.

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