|New York|  Bo Weinberg

Birth: 1897

Death: September 9, 1935 - Bronx

Abraham "Bo" Weinberg was a Russian-born New York mobster and chief lieutenant of Dutch Schultz. Recruited by Schultz as he expanded his bootlegging operations into Manhattan during Prohibition, he and his brother George Weinberg would become his top gunmen during the Manhattan Bootleg Wars and was a later suspect in the gangland slayings of Jack "Legs" Diamond, Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll and Salvatore Maranzano.

Running his criminal operations after Schultz had gone into hiding during his federal prosecution for tax evasion in 1933, he was rumored to have been secretly negotiating with Charles Luciano and Louis Buchalter to retain control of Shultz's organization before his disappearance after leaving a midtown Manhattan nightclub on the night of September 9, 1935. Although his body was never found, underworld lore claims that Schultz had Weinberg's feet put into a tub of cement and had him dumped into the East River while he was still alive (later depicted in the 1991 film "Billy Bathgate). Others claim Weinberg was shot to dead by Schultz after a minor discussion.

He would later be portayed by Dana Goldstone in the 1981 film Gangster Wars, Matt Servito in the 1991 film Hit the Dutchman, in the 1991 film Billy Bathgate by Bruce Willis and Joe Guzaldo in the 1997 film Hoodlum.

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