|New York|  Battle Annie

Birth: August 14, 1891

Death: September 26, 1958

Annie 'Battle' Vickers was the leader of a female faction inside the Gopher Gang, known as the Lady Gophers, in the early 1900's based in Hell's Kitchen (a Irish neighbourhood in New York). Battle Annie was known as the Queen of Hell's Kitchen but was also known as the Sweetheart of the entire Gopher Gang. Battle Annie earned a handsome income during the labor union wars by supplying lady warriors for both sides of the labor issue. There were few strikes in which she didn’t provide female muscle for 'biting and scratching' either pickets or strike breakers. The Gopher gang ended somewhere in 1920 and was known for it's members such as the 'English Godfather' Owney Madden and James 'Biff' Ellison. Battle Annie died in September 26, 1958.

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