|New York|  Augie Orgen

Birth: 1894

Death: October 16, 1927

Jacob "Little Augie" Orgen was a Jewish bootlegger and racketeer in the Garment District.

Ruler of Manhattan's Garment District
Augie Orgen was born in the Lower East Side in 1894. During the early 1900's he became a labor slugger for gangleader Benny Fein and later formed his own gang called "The Little Augies". In 1919 he was arrested on robbery charges. Being out again during the early 1920's he came in conflict with Nathan Kaplan, known as "Kid Dropper", for control in the Garment District. By his side Augie had tough guys such as Lepke Buchalter, Jacob Shapiro and Jack Diamond. After a gang war errupted Kaplan was eventually murdered in 1923. Since then Orgen recieved backings from Arnold Rothstein and was regarded as a powerfull New York gangster.

During the mid 1920's Orgen and his crew moved into bootlegging and started to supply night clubs and speakeasy's with booze. However, some members of his crew were not happy with Orgen and wanted to overthrow him. On October 16, 1927, Orgen and Jack Diamond were shot on Norfolk Street in a drive-by shooting by Buchalter and Shapiro, altough at first it was suspected that the hit was arranged by former members of Kaplans crew. Orgen died instantly but Diamond survived. At his crowded funeral the police stood guard to secure the peace. He was buried at Mount Judah Cemetery. His grave says "Jacob Orgen - Age 26 years", although he was 33. It is believed that his father had it encarved like that because he had "lost" his son at that age due to his criminal life.

(Source:, "Little Augie Slain By Rival Gangters" NYtimes October 16, 1927; "Gangster City" by Patrick Downey; "The Canary Sang But Couldn't Fly" by Edmund Elmaleh)

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