|New York|  Anthony Spero

Birth: 1929 - Brooklyn

Death: September 29, 2008

Anthony Spero was a high ranking member of the Bonanno Family and climbed his way up to the position of consigliere in the late 1960's and at one time acting boss during the late 1980's. He was found guilty on racketeering and murder charges in 2001 and was sentenced to life.

Criminal Career
He started out on the streets of Brooklyn during the 1950's as a soldier to Carmine Galante, the Bonanno underboss. He later rose up to the position of caporegime. When Galante was arrested and jailed in 1958 Spero frequently went to visit his former boss. When Natale Evola became the new leader of the Bonanno organisation, Spero saw himself promoted. In 1968 he took over as consigliere from Bill Bonanno, who moved away from New York to Tucson Arizona together with his father. After Evola died of cancer in 1973 Spero remained the consigliere for a short while under Phillip Rastelli. However, Rastelli was shortly after arrested and jailed.

After Carmine Galante was a free man again he took over the control of the family. Spero then stepped down as consigliere to become a caporegime again. The man who took over from him was Nicholas Marangello, who was closely associated with Galante's Sicilian crew. Galante was mudered in 1979 and Rastelli regained the leadership. However, not everyone was to keen about Rusty Rastelli and openly began to challenge him, which led to the murders of the 3 capo's in 1981. Spero was possibly also involved in the killings. In 1984 he was again promoted to consigliere by Rastelli, a position he would keep for about 17 years. During the late 1980's Spero was even positioned as the acting boss of the family when both Rastelli and Joe Massino were jailed. When Massino took control of the family after the death of Rastelli in 1991, he kept Spero close by his side as the consiglieri. Spero was heavily involved in the main family businesses like loansharking, gambling and drug trafficking. Amongst his legal belongings over the years were a pancake house and a petstore.

Murder convictions
During the 1990's Spero began to use a local gangleader named Christopher Ludwigsen to launder illegal profits of 2 Miami nightclubs. Ludwigsen, known to public as 'Chris Paciello' however was a bit to fond of the clubs and was frequently seen with supermodels and celebrities. When Ludwigsen was arrested he agreed upon testifying against the Bonanno Family and in particular, Anthony Spero. He was charged with 3 murders in 2001. Victims included Louis J. Tuzzio, a mob associate, Vincent Bickelman, a jewel thief who burglarized Spero's daughter's home, and Paul Gulino, a mob associate involved in Bickelman's killing, according to prosecutors. Spero was found guilty and was sentenced to life. He died in jail on September 29, 2008, after showing an early sign of cancer.

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