|New York|  Anthony Seccafico

Birth: 1962

Death: July 2, 2009 - Staten Island, New York

Anthony "Little Anthony" Seccafico was a soldier within the Bonanno family and was associated with the Genovese Family. He was killed in 2009 for showing disrespect towards fellow mobsters. It was the first murder of a made guy in about a decade.

Hooking up with the Bonanno Family
Seccafico was born inside a connected family as his father, nicknamed "Tony Smash", was a member of the Colombo Family in New York. Anthony was arrested for the first time in 1984 for selling a controlled substance, but spent less than a year in jail. Afterwards he joined a Genovese crew headed by Eddie Falco in the West Village. He was reputidly dismissed again because of his loose temper. Later on he hooked up with the Bonanno family and started to run gambling rooms for them. In 1996 Seccafico was charged with a Coney Island case for counts of assault and illegal possession of a weapon. In 2002 he was indicted again together with 19 others for helping to collect debts for a $2.5 million-a-year gambling and loan-sharking operation. One year later Seccafico became a made man inside the Bonanno Family and became part of a crew headed by Patrick DeFilippo.

Involvement in the prosecutor plot
For decades now federal prosecutors had tried to bring down the Mafia and it's organizations, the Bonanno family was no exception. One of the most successfull prosecutors to do so is Greg Andres who had led the case against former boss Joseph Massino and was successfull in another +55 Bonanno convictions. This success however also brought him in danger. In 2005 the FBI revealed a plot to murder Andres after they overheared conversations between Joseph Massino and his successor, Vincent Basciano. Since that period the FBI also started to keep an eye on Seccafico after he was overheared talking about how he was going to take part in the hitsquad. The murder however never occured as the plans were aborted.

Fallback with fellow Bonanno wiseguys
In the summer of 2003 capo Patrick DeFelippo and others were detained without bail for a murder wich occured in 1999. Seccafico was afterwards appointed to support the families of the detained mobsters with the promised financial means. However, after a while complaints were being made that Seccafico did not pay everybody equally and even spent a bit to much time with some of the wives. One Bonanno soldier in particular, John Spirito, formed a wrath towards Seccafico. Spirito's son realized that Seccafico didn't pay his mother as he should and confronted him with the accussation he was holding money to himself. Seccafico lost his temper and slapped the boy in the face. This insult could allready have sealed Little Anthony's fate.

When Salvatore Montagna became the new acting boss of the family in approximatly 2006, Seccafico may have longed for his upgrade inside the family as he and Montagna got along fine. However, in May 2009 the FBI succeeded in having Montagna exciled back to Canada. By this Seccafico could have lost the few support he had and immediatly became a marked man. On July 2 he was waiting for a bus on a deserted corner near his house, ready to go to his day to day construction job in Manhattan. Suddenly a man approached Seccafico and fired 7 shots. "My chest, my chest, I'm hit in my chest" yelled Seccafico while his attacker fled the scene. He was immediatly rushed to a nearby hospital but died moments later. He left along a wife and two children.

“I always knew he was a head case...There’s always a guy you’re not surprised.” said a source, meaning he wasn't amazed when he heared the news. Because Seccafico was a made man his killing was most likely approved by the leaders of New Yorks Mafia families.

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