|New Jersey|  Anthony Rotondo

Birth: 1958

Death: /

Anthony Rotondo was a capo within the Decavalcante Family in New Jersey under Vincent Palermo. His father, Vincent Rotondo, was gunned down in 1988 in front of their home in his car, next to his body lay a bag of rotting fish on the seat. According to the FBI Rotondo was involved in numerous murders including a murder in order of John Gotti. He became the part-owner of a SM club called 'the Vault' in New Jersey after he did the original owners a favour, he moved away a violent motorcycle gang who were interupting with their business. Rotondo earned thousands of dollars a week. He was also one of the gunmen who killed former boss D'Amato because the man was gay, and that is a serious disgrace for the family's honour.

Rotondo was one of a kind they say because he had a bachelor in business administration from the St. Francis College in Brooklyn. Most of the made guys from Families never have degrees of any kind because they don't think it's necessary. The hit serie The Sopranos on HBO was based on the Decavalcante Familie and FBI heard Rotondo saying it on their tapes in 1999. "Is that supposed to be ous?". In 2001 he decided to join Vincent Palermo and Anthony Capo to become a cooperating witness. He testified against Peter Gotti and is now retired under witness protection.

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