|New York|  Anthony Paretti

Birth: 1892

Death: 17 February, 1927 - Sing Sing

Anthony Paretti was a member of the New York Camorra and participated in the Mafia-Camorra war of 1914-1917. In 1916 the boss of the rival Morello Organisation, Nicolo Morello, and Charles Ubriaco were murdered in order of Pellegrino Morano and Alessandro Vollero. Paretti and his brother Aniello were both arrested in 1917 for the murders of the Morello leaders. Both him and his brother were sentenced to the death house at Sing Sing prison. However, Aniello got away with it thanks to his wife, who withdrawn her former testimony, sending Aniello away as a free man in 1923. Afterwards he came to visit Anthony, who was still in jail, many of times. Six weeks before the execution, the warden ordered the prison to be on guard for 24 hours a day, instead of the standard 16 hours. One of the last men who visited Paretti was 30 year old Vito Genovese. Paretti was electrocuted on February 17, 1927.

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