|New York|  Anthony Carfano

Birth: 1898

Death: September 26, 1959

Anthony 'Little Augie Pisano' Carfano was the underboss of the Luciano Family under Frank Costello (The family is nowadays known as the Genovese Family). During prohibition he was a gunman for Frankie Yale where he also met and befriended future Brooklyn kingpin Joe Adonis. After the murder of Yale in 1928 he was given the status off lieutenant under Adonis and when Charlie Luciano was imprissoned in 1936, underboss to Costello.

In the late 1930's Carfano was sent to Miami to expand criminal operations. Carfano successfully organized illegal gambling operations and legitimate businesses such as spas and hotels, including Miami's Woffard Hotel. However, Meyer Lansky also had visions of mob gambling in Havana, Cuba. Lansky argued that both Miami and Miami Beach should considered "open cities" for all mob operators (as would Las Vegas almost a decade later). Despite Carfano's objections, Costello persuaded him to cooperate with Lansky. By the late 1950s, Carfano had carved out a multi-million dollar gambling empire in Eastern Florida. Santo Trafficante, Sr. controlled the rest of the state.

Costello dethroned
In 1956 Joe Adonis voluntary left America and went back to Italy leaving Frank Costello more vulnerable to Vito Genovese. Genovese was not well-liked by Costello and Luciano, but because he was so powerfull they couldn't do much about it. On the night of may 2, 1957 Costello was shot by Genovese's protegé Vincent Gigante. Costello survived the attack but feared Genovese so he retired early. When Genovese wanted to be recognized as the official boss in 1957, Carfano ignored the invitation because he stayed loyal to Frank Costello. Genovese was angered at Carfano not showing respect and ordered his murder in 1959. The murder was committed by Augie's close friend Anthony 'Tony Bender' Strollo. With him that night was Janice Drake (that time married to comedian Alan Drake), who was also murdered. Janice was apparently bad luck, she was also Albert Anastasia's dinner companion the night before he was murdered.

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