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Anthony "Bruno" Indelicato is a soldier in the Bonanno family and is the son of slain Bonanno capo Alphonse "Sonny Red" Indelicato.

The murder of Carmine Galante
Anthony Indelicato was born in 1947 in New York as a son to Alphonse "Sonny Red" Indelicato. His uncle J.B. Indelicato was also a member of the Bonanno family. His future as a mobster was long cut out for him. In 1979 the commission descided to murder Bonanno leader Carmine Galante because of his ignorance and dangerous behaviour. Official Bonanno boss Philip Rastelli, who was jailed back then, wanted to regain complete control again and needed to get rid of Galante. The men appointed to perform the hit were Indelicato, Louis Giongetti, Dominick Napolitano and Dominick Trinchera.

On July 12, 1979, the hitteam bursted in at Joe and Mary's Restaurant where Galante was having lunch with his cousin and 3 bodyguards. Galante, his cousin Giuseppe Turano and bodyguard Leonard Coppola where shot to death, but the other 2 bodyguards survived. It is widely believed that the other 2 bodyguards, Baldo Amato and Cesare Bonventre, participated in the hit. After the murder an FBI surveillance camera saw how Indelicato was congratulated by his father and uncle.

After Galante's death however the Bonanno family was in a struggle for it's leadership. Some of the captains also started to oppose their jailed boss. Amongst these captains was Indelicato's father Alphonse. The 3 captains however were all punished for their retaliation and were murdered on May 5, 1981. Joseph Massino and Gambino underboss Aniello Dellacroce then approved the murder of Anthony as well because they feared he would revenge his fathers death and could cause serious damage. Indelicato, who was known for his drugabuse and being out of control, was aware of this and went into hiding in Miami. Donnie Brasco, who was in fact an undercover FBI agent, was then supposed to kill him but the hit was called off sometime later. Indelicato eventually got a green card and was permitted to live on.

In 1986 he was charged with the murder of Carmine Galante and was sentenced to 20 years. He was paroled in 1998 after serving 12. While he was in prison he met a woman named Catherine Burke while she was visiting her father, former Lucchese associate Jimmy Burke. He eventually married her while he was still in prison.

The Santoro murder
In 2001 Indelicato and accomplice Anthony Donato murdered Frank Santoro in orders of Vincent Basciano because he had threatened Basciano. Santore was shot in the Bronx while walking his dog. In August 2008 Indelicato pleaded guilty to the murder of Santoro and was sentenced to another 20 years.

(Source: "Four in Bonanno Family Plead Guilty in Murders" NYtimes August 7, 2008 ; "King of the Godfathers" by Anthony M. DeStefano;

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