|Cleveland|  Angelo Lonardo

Birth: 1911

Death: March 31, 2006

Angelo "Big Angie" was the son of Joseph Lonardo, who was murdered in 1927. His father is believed to be the first boss of the Cleveland Mafia, the Lonardo Family. He became a one-time underboss of the family and later shocked friends and enemies by becomming a federal witness.

In court he admitted he avenged his fathers murder when he was 18 years old, by killing the man he believed was responsible. He also said he murdered a couple of the Porello brothers, business rivals of his father during prohibition (and probably the men responsible for his fathers death). He is also believed to be the killer of Salvatore Todaro in 1929. After the murder of Todaro he and his cousin fled to Chicago where they hide under the protection of Lonardo allie Al Capone. They were eventually arrested but were only jailed for a year and a half after they won a new trial. When he and his cousin got out in 1931 he was a respected man because he avenged his fathers death and went to jail without saying anything. He became a member of Frank Milano's gang now, who was also a Commission member.

In 1982 he was called as the interim boss when James Licavoli was arrested. but in 1983, at the age of 72 he was arrested and sentenced to life in a mob drug ring. Lonardo didn't want to die in prison so he became the then highest ranking mafioso to become a federal witness. By becomming a federal witness he caused serious damage to the Cleveland mafia hierarchy. He died at the respected age of 95 in 2006.

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