|New York|  Andrea Ricci

Birth: 1870's

Death: November, 1917

Andrea Ricci was a leading member of the Navy Street gang, a Camorra crew in New York. He was involved in the murders of Harlem don Giosue Gallucci and Morello leader Nicholas Terranova.

During Eastern 1916 Andrea Ricci was initiated as an official Camorrista by Coney Island boss Pellegrino Morano and Vincenzo Parapelle. Morano was then regarded as the Camorra top boss and Parapelle as the second in command. Another man who was initiated that day was Alessandro Vollero, a Navy Street gang member. Ricci had been involved in the 1915 murder of Giosue Gallucci, a killing which had been funded by Pellegrino Morano and probably helped in Ricci's elevation inside the group. Ricci was said to have acted out of revenge for the murder of John Russomano, a man with whom Ricci had worked in the horse stealing business.

The Terranova murder
Together with Leopoldo Lauritano and Vollero Ricci controlled the Navy Street region. During 1916 Morano began carrying around hate towards Nicolo Terranova because he demanded a large sum from Morano so he could lead his policy game in Harlem. Morano also blamed Terranova for losing about $1.500 during that period. Terranova, who was a leader of the notorious Morello gang wasn't just some guy who could be whiped out. Therefore Morano explained his hatred towards Terranova and the Morello gang to his fellow Camorristi from which some of them shared the same hate. Vollero for instance wanted the Morello's and Terranova's death because they had murdered his friend in 1914. Others on the other hand stood behind the fact that they needed to obtain their good relations with 'the Sicilians' instead of fighting them. Andrea Ricci was also doubtful because his life had once been saved by the Morello's. Morano however managed to persuade him.

Although some of them were against the idea and demanded to keep the peace between both camps, Vollero and Morano got most of the men behind them. On September 7, 1916, Ricci lured Nicolo Terrranova and Chales Ubriaco to a meeting at his home. Both men first went to have a drink at the saloon of Raffaele Daniello and then went to see Ricci. As both men left the saloon they were ambushed by 3 gunmen and were shot to death. In the following months a couple of other men found their deaths, for instance Generoso Nazzaro, who was killed after Vollero and Tony Paretti believed he was cooperating with the Morello's. In late November of 1917 Ricci held a smoker with about 33 fellow Italians in Brooklyn. The police, who believed that the smoker was held to raise money for a fellow Cammorista in trouble, raided the place and arrested the men. In 1917 Ricci and Daniello were arrested again for robbery. In November that same year police officials believed that Ricci was murdered to prevent him from talking. At his funeral several men were arrested, amongst others were Allessandro Vollero, Salvatore Costa and John Esposito. Daniello, who also became a target by his own associates, later became a federal witness and send Morano and Vollero to prison.
(Source: "The Origin of Organized Crime in America" by David Critchley)

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