|New York|  Alphonso Sgroia

Birth: July 19, 1886

Death: May 1940

Alfonso "The Butcher" Sgroia was a Camorristi who sailed to America at the turn of the century to become a highly respected member of the Brooklyn Camorra. Sgroia was born in Italy and then traveled to New York in 1899 when he was 13. He opened a butcher shop, earning him his nickname. He lived with his brother Biagio on 117th Street. As being part of the Camorra he was a part in a war with the Sicilian Morello Gang in 1916. Sgroia was involved in the murder of Morello member Nicholas Terranova and his bodyguard on September 7, 1916. They were lured into a trap after having a few drinks and were on their way to a coffee house. Morello leader Ciro Terranova was called to identify the body of his brother. In May 1916, a member of the Navy Street gang started telling police information on the Navy Street gang like its activities and recent murders. Four members were arraigned, one of them being Sgroia. Sgroia was sentenced to 12 years for manslaughter of Nick Terranova. He talked and received a shorter sentence and was deported back to Italy. While in Italy he lived a normal life with a family. He continued his butcher business and would die of disease around the age of 54.

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