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Birth: February 8, 1954 - Brooklyn

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Alphonse "Allie" Persico was the acting boss of the Colombo family from 1993 until 2000. He is the son of longtime Colombo boss Carmine Persico.

Enjoying previleges
Alphonse was born in 1954 in Brooklyn and like many young Italians at the time was confronted with the Mafia at a close range. His father Carmine and uncles Alphonse and Theodore were all members of the Colombo family. Although being a good student Little Allie decided to drop college and started working for his father. Through his father he earned respect and could enjoy the extra perks of being part of the higher levels of the Colombo family. Also with the help of his father, who became the family boss during the 1970's, he became a capo while only being in his mid-twenties.

In 1983 Alphonse was arrested for heroin trafficking but was acquitted. In 1986 he was convicted again during a large RICO trial in which also his father was charged. In addition his father was also trialed in the commission case and in all recieved a life sentencing of 136 years. Alphonse was "only" sentenced to 12 years. By this his father whas placed behind bars perminantly, but still communicated with his son, amongst others, to keep his influence inside the organization.

Persico - Orena war
During the absence of the Persico's their rule within the family was being challenged by Victor Orena. Orena had been named acting boss by Carmine Persico, but decided the family would be better off with a boss who wasn't jailed, meaning himself. Persico however still had strong backings inside the family and through men such as Greg Scarpa, Carmine Sessa and others they eventually won the battle. However, about 12 men were killed in the resulting violence. Alphonse Persico was soon after charged with authorizing 7 murders during the Persico-Orena war and with supplying his men with $200.000 to use for guns and safe houses. He was acquitted of those charges in 1994.

Alphonse was released in 1993 and by that time became the acting boss of the family. He was living a life of luxury and oftenly stayed in Florida and Miami. In 1999 the coast guard in Florida stopped him while driving his 50-foot yacht. On the boat they found 2 loaded weapons. Because he was forbidden to carry weapons after his 1986 RICO charge, he was sentenced to 15 months in jail. The day of his release was set for January 2001, but before he got out he was indicted again for a loansharking conspiracy which had occured between 1993 and 1999.

Term as acting boss
As acting boss Alphonse appointed William Cutolo as his nr. 2 man, a surprising move because Cutolo was a former loyalist of Victor Orena. It is possible that Persico chose Cutolo to keep the peace inside the family and to avoid further frictions. However, In May 1999 Cutolo went missing after going to a meeting with Allie Persico. In 2004 Persico and John DeRoss were eventually arrested for the murder of William Cutolo. Then, in 2007 Bonanno turncoat Salvatore Vitale testified how Persico had told him he murdered Cutolo. One year later another turncoat named Joseph Competiello led the FBI to a burial ground where they finally found Cutolo's remains. In February 2009, like his father, Alphonse Persico was sentenced to life for murder.

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