|New York|  Alessandro Vollero

Birth: 1889

Death: ?

Alessandro Vollero was a leading member of the Brooklyn Camorra during the early 1900's. He arrived in New York somewhere in 1909 together with his friend Nicholas DelGardio. According to a NY times article from February 15, 1918, an assistant prosecuter claimed that DelGardio and Vollero were Sicilian. Together with his associate Lauritano, Vollero owned a coffee house at 133 Navy St, Brooklyn. The coffee house was used as the headquarters for The Navy Street Gang, which was under Vollero's command. His Camorra partner Pelligrino Morano was based in Coney Island where he owned the Santa Lucia restaurant. Together with Morano he fought against the Morello gang during the Mafia-Camorra war from 1914 till 1917. Vollero was arrested for the murder of Nicholas Terranova and Charles Umbriaco in 1916. The gunmen which were hired by Vollero and Morano descided to talk to prosecuters, causing the Camorra leaders to be arrested and jailed. Vollero was sent to the legendary prison of Sing Sing and was sentenced to 20 years. The prosecuter says the murders were an act of revenge made by Vollero, because the Manhattan based Morello gang was responsible for the death of his friend Nicholas DelGardio. During his prison term he met then 21 years old Joe Valachi in 1925. Vollero told Valachi not to get mixed up with Sicilians and that he would be better off in Chicago with Johnny Torrio. When Valachi was released in 1928 he didn't follow Vollero's advice and alligned himself with the Tom Reina and his crew, staying in New York. Vollero himself was released after 14 years in jail in 1933. Whatever happened with him afterwards is unknown.

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