|Chicago|  Albert Tocco

Birth: August 9, 1929 - Chicago

Death: September 21, 2005 - Chicago

Albert Ceasar Tocco was born in 1929 and was a high ranking member within the Chicago Outfit during the 1970's & 1980's. He controlled the rackets in the South Side of Chicago, the old stomping grounds of Al Capone. Tocco grew up in Chicago and had 2 sisters and a brother, Joe 'Buddy' Tocco, who ran the Outfit's business in Arizona. His father was a WWI veteran and died in 1946 from cancer.

In 1986 his wife Betty testified that she had to drive Albert from a cornfield in Indiana after he buried Anthony Spilotro and his brother Micheal Spilotro (shown in the movie Casino). In 2005 another Outfit turncoat claimed he was involved in the murders and Tocco had nothing to do with it. In 1989 he was arrested in Greece, where FBI had follewed him and even followed his 8 year old son. His wife again talked in 1990, when Tocco was indicted, saying that her husband was a ruthless thug and abused his family. His family & friends depicted him as a loving man. Betty was the first wife to turn against her husband and testifie. She lives in the witness protection program with their only son, Micheal Tocco. Albert Tocco was sentenced to 200 years in 1990 and eventually died in 2005 due to a stroke. His funeral was attended by hundreds of family members, friends and his son Micheal, who was away for 16 years.

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