|New York|  Al Mineo

Birth: 1880 - Palermo, Sicily

Death: November 5, 1930 - New York

Manfredo "Al" Mineo was the right hand man of Salvatore D'Aquila before eventually betraying him and becoming the organizations head himself. Mineo is credited of being the first real leader of the Brooklyn waterfront, a position which would later be taken by men such as Vincent Mangano and Albert Anastasia.

Dubbelcrossing D'Aquila
Mineo entered New York in the year 1911. He began his rise to the top in Brooklyn as a member of the D'Aquila family, seen as the 3th early Mafia organization in New York after the Morello Family and Schiro Family. After Mafia boss of bosses Peter Morello and Ignazio Saietta were jailed in 1910 for counterfeiting, D'Aquila took his shot and proclaimed himself as "capo di tutti capi" in America. The Morello gang was put on hold for a short period until Morello relative Ciro Terranova and his brothers took over the business and made the gang powerful again. In 1916 one of the Terranova brothers was murdered in order of Pellegrino Morano, a possible ally of Salvatore D'Aquila. Morano however was jailed because of the murder and many of his crew were taken to prison. D'Aquila didn't wait long to take over the Morano territory and to welcome it's remaining members. When Morello was released from prison in 1920, D'Aquila still wanted to be recognized as boss of bosses and therefore targetted the whole leadership of the Morello gang. Together with notorious gunman Umberto Valenti, D'Aquila set up a couple of murder attempts on Morello associates such as Joe Masseria, who miraculously survived each attempt and became known as 'the man who can dodge bullets'. Masseria eventually had Valenti killed in 1922 and by doing that found himself promoted within the Morello gang. D'Aquila however had lost a major member of his gang. When also Joseph Lonardo was killed in 1927 during a powerstruggle, things didn't look good for D'Aquila. Mineo realized his boss had become less powerful and had to be taken care of. Therefore he sided with Masseria and plotted the murder of his boss in 1928. By doing this Mineo was placed in charge of the D'Aquila family with blessings from Masseria.

Castellammarese war and aftermath
In 1930 Mineo was promoted as Masseria's second in command after Peter Morello was murdered in New Jersey. As the Castellammarese War raged on many of the members from both sides lived in hiding, fearing to get killed when showing up on the street. One of Mineo's actions as chief strategic planner was to murder Joe Aiello, a strong Chicago based allie of Maranzano. In order to supervise the killing Mineo himself left his hideout and went to Chicago where he was welcomed by Al Capone. Capone had been at war with Aiello since 1927 and therefore backed Mineo's plan to have him killed. On the night of October 23, 1930, Aiello had just left a friends house when he was suddenly surprised by a gunman hiding in the building in front of him. Aiello managed to run away but found himself trapped by a second gunnersnest. He was eventually shot down and died on the street due to several bullet wounds. However, only one month later Maranzano got his revenge. On the 5th of November Mineo and underboss Steven Ferrigno were murdered in the courtyard of an apartment house on Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. The gunmen, including Bastiano Domingo, were actually hoping to kill Masseria that day but instead shot down Mineo and Ferrigno after Masseria didn't show up.

Mineo's organization was then taken over by Frank Scalise who went to support Maranzano instead. This proved costly to Masseria's war efforts, who eventually lost the battle. Mineo's body was later taken back to Palermo, Sicily, for burial in 1931.

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