|Buffalo|  Agueci Brothers

Birth: Albert 1923 - Sicily
Vito 1924 - Sicily

Death: Albert October 1961
Vito Februari 2005

Albert and Vito Agueci were Sicilian mafiosi who were involved in smuggling heroin from Canada into the United States during the 1950s. They became associated with the Magaddino Family from Buffalo untill one of the brothers was brutally murdered in 1961.

John Papalia & the French Connection
The Agueci Brothers immigrated from Sicily to Canada following World War II and, operating from a bakery in Toronto, went to work for Buffalo boss Stefano Magaddino to control narcotics distribution throughout western New York, the Ohio Valley and Toronto itself. Their heroin contact was the Hamilton boss and Magaddino cap John Papalia. Papalia had connections to the Cotroni Family from Montreal and with the Genovese and Bonanno Family from New York. Together with Papalia they ran a branch of the "French Connection", a heroin traffic framework that was controlled by the Corsican mob (near France) which obtained opium base from Turkey and Afghanistan and converted it into heroin in clandestine laboratories in France and Corsica. The Unione Corse had many Italian/Sicilian born members and they mainly did business with the Sicilian Mafia. Some of their partners were Charles Luciano, Giuseppe Settacase, Luciano Leggio & Angelo La Barbera. Their early success encouraged the brothers to expand their operations into the United States and, with Magaddino's permission; they would begin directly selling heroin in the Buffalo area. Both were eventually arrested in New York on July 20, 1961. Magaddino refused to provide bail money for the brothers. Albert's wife was later able to raise enough money to bail them out. Following his release, Albert Agueci reputidly began plotting to murder Magaddino but was killed himself instead. His body was found horribly mutilated in a field outside Rochester, New York on November 3, 1961. Among his injuries included a broken jaw, his teeth kicked out and, after having parts of skin sliced off, was burned alive before being strangled to death.

Vito Agueci was eventually convicted of narcotics violations and was taken to the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, where he became a fellow inmate of the elder Genovese Boss Vito Genovese and soldier Joe Valachi, with who'm he and his brother Albert had worked before in the heroin trade. Vito had a vendetta against Joe Valachi concerning his brother Albert who Vito felt was betrayed by Valachi. It is not certain if Agueci had contact with both Genovese or Valachi inside the prison walls but some reports do say Agueci plotted with Genovese to murder Valachi, telling him that Valachi was thinking about becomming a rat to save himself. Valachi also heared these rumors and began to fear Genovese. The paranoid Valachi eventually killed an innocent inmate believing he was going to be murdered. However at first it were rumors which disgraced Valachi as a rat, it was soon to become reality. Because of the murder he had committed inside the prison and the constant threat of his boss he had no other choice. Valachi became a government witness in 1962 to save his own life and escape prosecution. Genovese died in 1969 and Valachi in 1971. Vito Agueci died many years later on February 13, 2005, at the age of 81.

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