|New York|  Abe Landau

Birth: December 25, 1898

Death: October 24, 1935 - New York

Abe Landau was a Orthodox Jew and a member of Dutch Schultz's gang who operated in the Bronx and Harlem. Abe Landau was said to be the most trustwordy member of Schultz. Landau was a man who would rather have used words than violence and he is said to have never killed a man in his 37 years of existing. On the night of October 24, 1935, 3 hitmen, working for Murder, Inc. entered Schultz's headquarters and shot everyone in the room. The victims were Dutch Schultz (who was the main target), Abe Landau, Lulu Rosenkranz and Otto Berman. The killers were Charles "The Bug" Workman, Emanuel "Mendy" Weiss and a third man known as Seymore "Piggy" Schechter. Landau died in the hospital 8 hours after he was shot. Abe Landau's burial is located at Mount Hebron Cemetary, New York.

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